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Unlock the secrets of India, an ancient country of unforgettable cultures, dazzling colours and phenomenal foods.

Join me in India on one of my personally escorted tours

Imagine a holiday where you fall in love with the enchanting majesty and hospitality of this awe-inspiring country.

India can astonish and confound with it’s contradictions and complexities. It can make you questions your preconceptions and many a visitor has returned charmed by the authenticity of the people and warmth of welcome.

At India Dreaming we are passionate about creating magical experiences. We want you to be inspired and captivated by this country in the way that we have. This passion drives us to tailor the experiences for our group members. 

In India you need to have time and flexibility to take advantage of opportunities that spring up. Be prepared to be astonished and to expect the unexpected.

Come join one of deluxe bespoke small group tours.

Iconic Architecture
Fabulous restaurants
Unique Wildlife
Hotels that allow you to dream

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Wellness & Spa Retreats

Immerse yourself in auyvedic traditions on a one or two center wellness retreat. Our 12 and 15 day two destination wellness retreats that are perfect for those who want to rejuvenate. From luxury to deluxe we have key destinations in Rajasthan, Goa, Kerala and Sri Lanka that we work with.
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Creativity & Textile Tours

We have a number of itineraries that encompass the key destinations in Rajasthan and Gujurat with options for activities such as workshops and demonstrations including pottery painting, textile print and dyeing.
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Wildlife Tour

India is the land of Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book. Asiatic Lions, Bengal Tigers, Leopards, Elephants, One Horned Rhino. Spectacular bird watching for twitchers and birders.
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India has some of the most sumptuous luxury hotels. From the exquisite service at the Oberoi to iconic venues such as the Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur.

Take advantage of boutique heritage accommodation in a rural destination where you can find time to relax.

Upcoming tours

Be part of our select group of ladies who are inspired to explore the Highlights of North India this November.

This tour is perfect for those who wish to unlock the treasures of India with a dose of comfort (dare we say luxury), tempting cuisine at a relaxed pace of travel.