Who We Are?

Our Mission

To provide you with a memorable experience of India.

We want you to discover extraordinary experiences in India and travel here to create wonderful new memories.

Our goal is to entice you back to India once more, so you can explore and understand more about this most amazingly diverse country.

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Continually searching

We are constantly looking for the best artisans, workshops and new experiences that we think our clients will enjoy.


The quality and style of accommodation is very important at India Dreaming.  No longer are clients just after a place to lay their head. Our clients are looking for a full experience.

We love boutique, heritage style hotels, especially when they provide all the features we look for. 


A good night sleep is so important. So I look for an international style mattress, rather than a harder domestic mattress.

Powerpoints – we seem to travel with more and more electronics, so having the ability to easily recharge our phone/tablet/camera is important.

WiFi – free if possible. Sometimes, due to locality there will be limited access and we understand that.

Hot water 24/7. Many Indian hotels have a geyser in the bathroom which needs to be turned on an hour before use. Personally I want to have a shower when I return and don’t want to be hanging around feeling grimy for an hour whilst it heats up.

Quality towels. Most of us prefer to have a nice fluffy towel – or at least not one that is threadbare. My experience is if it is not to standard – ring and ask for new ones.

My preference is always to look for hotels that have an a la carte option for eating, rather than just a single price buffet.  A buffet can be great, but sometimes you just want some soup (or ice cream) and don’t want to pay full price.

Room service – many of the smaller hotels do not provide room service. However, most of them will do so if you are not feeling well. 

Quality of food – it goes without saying that we expect the food to be safe. The truth is that in some smaller, lower rated hotels, the staff do not have the same training in health and hygiene.

For those times when you just want to remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of India.

A space to sit and sip chai, perhaps read a book or listen to some music.

A lovely garden or swimming pool is a wonderful extra.

Our Core Values

Equality – to us means being respectful of different backgrounds and cultures. We aim to look past perceived differences and look for the common goodness.

Respectful – When travelling you learn how similar, yet different, we all are. There are some things that we come across that we don’t like. We do however try and understand issues within their context.

Responsibility – Taking responsibility for our decisions, choices and actions.

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