Susanne Mulholland India Dreaming Tour Designer and Tour Leader


Susanne Mulholland


Susanne first visited India in 1972, where she was mesmerized (and slightly overwhelmed) by the colour and activity of Delhi.

Susanne has also lived in the UK and in the Sulinate of Oman, where she was a tour guide. Whilst living in Oman the family visited India (with their 4 year old son) and she re kindled her love of artisan handicrafts.

Susanne has worked for many years in marketing before co-founding a furniture and homewares company. Following this she was a tour leader and the Australian owner and representative of a tour company based in India.

Her experiences working and travelling in India has given her an insight to the potential for creating unique and tailored travel experiences.

Passionate about

Travel, colour, art, fabrics, reading, movies and animals.

Away from travel

Susanne is married and has a son and daughter-in-law, 2 Burmese cats, 1 Cocker Spaniel and 2 scruffy mutts.

Her family is spread throughout the UK, USA, Europe and Australia.

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