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Top 5 tips for finding the right travel insurance

advice for choosing right travel insurance

As soon as you make your first booking, you should take out your travel insurance. Don’t leave it till the last minute. 

There are many items covered in an insurance policy. For India, we recommend that you have a policy that covers at a minimum the following items:

  • medical
  • cancellation
  • theft
  • luggage (lost, delayed and damaged)
  • replacement of travel documents.

To help you choose we’ve listed some websites that will help you compare policies. 


There are two main components for medical cover that you need to consider. Firstly, you want to look at the 24/7 Emergency Assistance and secondly, what level of hospital cover and/or repatriation is included. 

Simple accidents like slipping or tripping can cause grazes or a sprained ankle, at worse a broken leg … or in one lady’s case a broken hip. Who would think that visiting a flower market could be so treacherous? 

Pre-existing conditions 

Take the time to think through your medical history. Most insurers cover a number of pre-existing medical conditions such as asthma, so you won’t need an assessment or declaration. You do need to check each provider carefully as their requirements can differ considerably.

travel insurance for medical


You’ve booked your holiday and nothing will stop you.
We know things can come up and put a spanner in the works. Cancellations fees will be charged by travel providers, so having an insurance policy that covers the amount of your trip is important. The industry standard is that deposits are non-refundable and if you cancel closer to the time of departure you may be liable for the full amount.
Cancellation clauses cover your prepaid travel and accommodation if you need to cancel because of illness, accident, natural disaster or unforeseen circumstance. Also, check to see if the policy covers loss of deposits.
Remember you don’t need $25,000 cover if your trip is only costing your $8,000.

Lost or Damaged Baggage

This is for reimbursement of your baggage and personal items if they are lost, stolen, or damaged while you are away. Check what is included and if there are special conditions around computer, camera and other valuable items. Not all policies are the same.

travel insurance for lost luggage
travel insurance for theft

Delayed luggage

This cover provides an allowance to purchase essential clothes or personal items which have been lost, misdirected or delayed by your luggage/transport provider. We have seen the length of
delay varying from 12 hrs to 48 hrs.

Our advice is to ensure you have your basics and any medication required to cover a couple of days in your carry-on luggage.

In India, you can pick up basic top, pants, underwear and toiletries for less than US$80.


No matter how careful, or where you are, there are unsavoury people out there with low morals. We always recommend you are vigilant with your belongings and take all reasonable steps, such as using the hotel in-room safe, placing your bag across your body and being aware of your surroundings.
Some policies also cover the loss of money, transaction cards (credit/debit cards) as well as traveller’s cheques.

travel insurance keep your valuables safe

Replacement of Travel Documents

Replacing your passport and visa is a priority if they go missing and will mean liaising with your embassy, usually in the capital city.

Finding the right cover for you

When choosing cover there are so many options. Luckily there are a number of websites that will compare insurance policies for you.

Below are some we have found useful.

Australian travellers: 

Compare The Market

Compare Travel Insurance


UK travellers:

Compare The Market

Travel Supermarket



US travellers:

Insure My Trip

Square Mouth

Travel Insurance

If you have other comparative sites please let us know. Make sure you take into account your personal circumstances and take advice from a financial or insurance specialist if required.

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