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Vaccinations & Medications – Preparing for your India vacation

Enjoying your trip and staying healthy

People have heard of “Delhi belly” and that is one experience we don’t recommend. There are also some other experiences we suggest you avoid.

Below we look at:

  • what is recommended by health professionals
  • advice for taking your medications into India
  • what we pack in our first aid travel kit.

Taking health precautions before arriving in India is as important as being vigilant once in country.

We recommend you speak with your health professional to confirm what is the best option for
your individual circumstance. If possible this should be done a couple of months before travel.

Listed below are some aspects you should consider.

  1. Tetanus.
  2. Hepatitis A and Typhoid should be given at least two weeks prior to travel.
  3. Cover up to avoid mosquito bites.
  4.  Ensure you have a spare prescription for any medication you need and a letter from your
    doctor outlining any medical conditions. I prefer to take extra supplies to ensure I have a brand that I know and trust.
  5. Ensure your medication has official pharmacy stickers, as not all medications are viewed as legal over the counter and it can assist if questioned.

Remember we require you to have valid travel insurance.

Although there are pharmacy/chemist outlets in India, they are often just retail outlets with no qualified pharmacist on site. If on arrival in Delhi you need something quickly there is an outlet in the International Arrivals Terminal to the right as you come through the sliding doors. 

First Aid kit 

This is what I pack for India. 

  • Antiseptic and eyewash
  • Sunscreen and after sun
  • Band aids (including some for blisters)
  • Antihistamine cream or tablets
  • General ointment (I use paw paw ointment)
  • Charcoal tablets
  • Anti-diarrhoea tabs and rehydration powders
  • Pain relief tablets
  • doTERRA On Guard® and Breathe® as well as the peppermint beadlets

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